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Cristiano Ronaldo face


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
But this cr7 it's very good :) :) :) i think the best !!! If kylomg send me his cr7 i will be update it. Make some change than will be his kylomg's CR7 face the best !!! It will be great :) so please kylomg post link to your cr7 :) please ;)


Red Card - Life
Life Ban
Cristi_Romania;2668879 said:
i have 123Barca123's face,and is good i like verry much,in my opinion is the best

tnx Cristi_Romania you tell of course about this face :) thanks a lot of comment(Y)



Senior Squad
123Barca123;2668873 said:
juni relax do you have KyLoMg's CR7 face NO !!!! everybody wait for it it will be the best face ever :)

stupid, very stupid.... mod pls band this stupid man !


Senior Squad
123Barca123;2668878 said:
No You don't have KyLoMg's CR7 face don't lie juni, no one don't have it :(

that you are stupid the face is just
accessible to all you expect!!!!!!

stop this man you acting like a fool


Youth Team
new pic :innocent_smile_1: