Creation Master 10


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Outsider 87 you know anything about BlueScreen error in CM10? Is probably in CM10 if i have it in CM09?


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AMAZING!!!!! I love Rinaldo's Creation Master. I can't wait for try this awesome tool. THANK YOU SO MUCH RINALDO, you are the best.
Thanks a lot Outsider for this fantastic news and screens. You are Great.
Sorry for my english.


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Really greatest news! Thank you Fabio.
Rinaldo you are a genius! Your tools are amazing and Creation Master is a Master Piece! I can't wait! Really thanks again.:33vff3o:



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tooniesbruxelle;2742758 said:
But we are already in the WEEK END !
We are saturday....
What planet are you from?...Molenbeek? ;)

Great news but i think i'll stick to CM09...Fifa10 suck bigtime.
Maybe i'll use CM10 to copy the teams into Fifa09. :)