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Creation Centre 2007 Released


Club Supporter
Whenever I try to save my changes I get an Error:

Unable to cast object of type 'CreationCentre2007.SearchForm' to type 'CreationCentre2007.CC07Form'.

No changes I made take place in the game.

Is there a fix for this?


Senior Squad
RiffHard;2272970 said:
I'd like to see a program which allows us to change secondary favourite positions.
Unless I'm missing something, players only have a single preferred position in the data tables in the latest release, so how would one add others without access to the original code for the game itself??


Club Supporter
Creation centre works fine for me. I'd prefer to use CM but my game crashes after I've edited and is very annoying.
I do mostly transfers, but would like to import faces and stadiums. Can CC do this?


Senior Squad
Arsenal_fc;2282909 said:
Why are the teams all back to default when i use CC or CM??
If you are referring to the roster updates made by the official patches then I know that CM07 doesn't process the PC_CL.BIN file that holds those updated rosters, and would suspect that CC doesn't either. If you are referring to changes you've made yourself within the game, then those changes are held in the My Squads file and neither tool will read that file either. If neither of those things, then please elucidate.


Club Supporter
a decent readme for this would be really good. the inbuilt boot centre isn't working for me, infact nothing on it is, i can never save.... :(


Senior Squad
McLareNas;2365215 said:
What to do?
Same with Creation Master
Download and install the appropriate version of the .NET framework (which I'm fairly sure the CM documentation tells you even if CC doesn't)

Hoogeveense RAT

Club Supporter
So, thanks for this editor. Now can I at least edit some parts of FIFA 07 because CM07 isn't working for me and I actually don't know why :(.

I have a problem with importing flags for a team. I have made a flagpack for NAC Breda, I have load the in CC, but when I playing the game I still see the default flags :(. The flags are 24-bit BMP, don't know if the file properties are supported by CC.


Club Supporter

Me Install New Creation Centre 2007 Released Send Me Error plz Help.
Error :

System.IO.DirectoryNotFoundException: Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\EA SPORTS\FIFA 07data\gui\assets.big'.


Club Supporter
Hello, I have a problem with CC.
I can't change a player's position, and when I make a new player, I can't give a position to this player. When I try to change it in-game, the game crashes.

Can anyone help me with this?