CrazyRabbit's Faces || NO REQUESTS!


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Hi, i'm not sure to ask so sorry if it bothers you, I won't ask again :)
but i really like that Luka Jovic Face but already have a mod with that HeadID for Dalot. is it possible for you to put the files on another player? an icon would be great as most people don't have them in career :) sorry for asking, if you dislike it i shall remove my post :)


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I need to modify the texture, but it's stopped because it's annoying.
Yeah I get you. Rakitic is the same for me. Any chance you could PM me the files and the head model you used? It's just for personal use. I could take a look, see if I can get it too look good, and if I can, and you want to, you could release it. If you did send me the files I'd 100% drop a little donation. Keep up the great faces.


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Marvelous job sir. I've always admired talent of facial creators. Many subtle improvements to your faces.
Thanks for you contributions.


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hey guys, does anyone knows how to export Crazyrabit's Tatoo pack 1 and 2 as table?
I cannot type anymore for every time in cheat engine 6.8.3...too tired