Crazy pop ups by every click


Youth Team

When i click on the forum i have new mozilla windows opening with bloody sex sites or advertising. It happens almost on everthing i click on soccergaming but not on other sites.

Did i catch an adware or does everyone experience this too?


Youth Team
Fredhoer;3976352 said:
Now it seems to be over. Maybe the site has been infected? Thanks anyway for the solutions.

Yeah I still can't use some features on the site... Idk... Maybe our systems are corrupted because we are forced to try 500+ different scripts blockers and ad blockers etc.

Because the ads can't just be honest. They have to use sneaky methods like bugs, script exploits etc... I can understand that webmasters need ads to support the maintenance, but it's sad when they don't have any criteria or requirements upon the advertisers.


Youth Team
Sir Didier Drogba;3976498 said:
Alex our forum admin has been in contact with the site owners and they ha very removed the most intrusive ads, should be OK now

Whoa. Impressive and fast act. Good work and thank you.

It ALL works for me now, and I did not change a thing. So clearly this fixed it. Some ads where using some scripts that actually interfered with the sites functionality. I am happy that this website listens and takes action.

Thank you again.

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
By the way, why there's boobs ads everywhere in this forum? Pop ups are gone, but boobs everywhere.


Youth Team
Pogba4Now;3977103 said:
These pop up ads are for the owner to make money even though he never ever posts here anymore.

We / or I, understand the purpose of ads, and I don't protest against them. It's when ads get intrusive, inescapable, and even infecting - that they no longer are considered ads.

If somebody wants to advertise something - sure go ahead. If it's forced upon me, do they really expect me to open my wallet for them? On the contrary - I will do everything to get them out of my sight.

If I was running a website, and wanting to earn a little cash at the same time, the worst idea would be to scare the visitors away by getting them annoyed or even infected.


We had some recent OPSEC issues where unauthorized ads were being injected into the site. I think these holes have been plugged. There should absolutely be no pop-up ads here whatsoever.