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Converting .rar patches into CMS compliant CMP patches...


Club Supporter
Hey all,

I have a question for the veterans out there, I have Fifa 10 and I already have added a lot of CMP patches from different leagues (Slovenia, Chile, Bulgaria, Israel, Greek Super League, Cyprus, Argentina, etc.etc.) and they installed fine no problems. Now, I just downloaded both a Dutch league patch that has both divisions in it and also the Concacaf patch which is an .exe file. I already have El Salvador and Panama from this patch so I don't want to replace those leagues, but would like to put in Guatamala, Costa Rica, and Honduras and not sure how to convert these into seperate CMP's...I did download the CMS compliant utility from Rinaldo but not sure how to use it (and can't find where the patch ID is located) so any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!! :)


Club Supporter
Is there no way to do this?? I'm just curious is all, I don't have a lot of experience with programs such as the patch converter (although I love CM10, without this Fifa would be unplayable!!). Any and all help is appreciated, thanks in advance!! :innocent_smile_1:


Club Supporter
You wouldn't have those CMP CMS-compliant files anywhere anymore would you? All the link I found are dead and the only place I found a mention of them was on FIFA Korea :(