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Converted Fantasy Stadiums


Club Supporter
Hey, guys

Here are some generic stadiums I've converted from Sketchup, PES6, FIFA 10 and other random sources. They can be used either for fantasy teams or small teams without a model currently available. I've been concentrating in rather small, rough, dirty looking stadiums rather than slick big modern stadiums since usually the latter have good original real-life counterparts

1 - Rural Training FIFA 10:
Good for very small remote teams that dont even draw a crowd

2 - Division 3 UK:
I use it for the Isle of Man NT, but it could be used for any small british club

3 - Generic Africa:
Basically the african textured version of Division 3 UK

4 - Generic Desert:
Ideal for teams like Western Sahara NT, Djibouti NT or any of the arabic leagues

5 - Training Ground Caucasus:
Any small eastern Europe team. I use it for South Ossetia NT

More to come soon !!


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6 - Generic Himalaya:
I guess for teams like Tibet NT, Sikkim, etc.

7 - Generic Jungle:
Converted from FIFA 08

8 - Indoors Gymnasium:
I play with Greenland NT here. Since it is indoors it needs to use an id that would work with night time

9 - Rural Town (Clean version):
Converted from PES6. I replaced the Antifa/Che Guevara/Sendero Luminoso and random dirty graffiti with generic textures

10 - Rural Town (original):
The same stadium as above but with the original textures
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Colgado, your work is great! You are the fastest guy doing crowds! Do you use Blender? How do you do? Cheers


Youth Team
Mate your idea is amaizing and good solution for Robbie patch!
Do we have possibility or other format to convert stadiums from world cup 2014? (Blender, other fifa or pes model)?

There was some great generic stadiums like Shibusaka, Baba Yetu or 13 October etc.
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13 - Island Fantasy:
Very funny stadium to use with caribbean island teams such as Sint Eustatius NT or Saba. Also could work with oceanic small teams like Marshall Islands NT or Niue

14 - FE Arena Oceanic with crowds:
Just added crowds to the in game FIFA 16 FE Arena Oceanic

15 - Generic Polinesia:
Converted from FIFA 10. Ideal for Non-FIFA Oceanic National Teams such as the Federated States of Micronesia, Palau, Tuvalu, Kiribati, etc or some OFC Champion League teams such as Lautoka FC or Puaikura FC


Starting XI
Hey man, could you do those ?





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