Controller conflict FIFA 07 & 2006 WC vs UCL 06-07


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Going on new laptop I had new advantage in testing this.
As on Windows 11 I can't find a way to fix controller duplicate in a way as in Windows 10, I think I found a guilty.
FIFA 07 in devdata.dat recognizes pad as XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller) instead of Controller (Xbox 360 for Windows)
Editing devdata info caused game to not boot, editing registry fixes this, but now UEFA Champions League 06-07 gets this issue. Maybe anyone is capable of fixing it another way of at least create a patch to FIFA 07 and 2006 World Cup that would fix this issue?


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you can add your controller name to the devdata file, so it will match the configuration.
original devdata file:
[XBOX 360 For Windows|XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller)]

add your controller name separated by a pipe char '|' for e.g if your controller name is 'Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)':

[XBOX 360 For Windows|XBOX 360 For Windows (Controller)|Controller (XBOX 360 For Windows)]

you can open 'Set up USB game controllers' in control panel to find the name of your device.

or you can use this utility: Xbox 360 Controller Emulator (, download for all games, open and go to the tab 'Devices' your controller name is displayed there.