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ConIFA World Cup 2016 Patch +


Club Supporter
ConIFA World Cup 2016 Patch +

Firstly, I only make these teams to FIFA11, please, don't deal with politics. Thank you!

Abkhazia - 100% - DOWNLOAD
Panjab - 100% - DOWNLOAD
Northern Cyprus - 50% -
Sápmi - 50% -
Western Armenia
United Koreans of Japan
Iraqi Kurdistan
Székely Land
Somaliland - 50% -
Chagos Islands
+ some other Non-Fifa teams! - if you want something, you can write me!

Teams are now available in .cmp file. After completing that patch i will make one .cmp and .exe file.
If you want to change something, or if you will have some more information as birthdates, formations, adversiting logos on kits, etc. I will be happy!


Club Supporter
Thanks man!
Yeah, these national teams are so basic :), if I don't find old files i will make it again. 100% I will make also Micronesia U23 from 2015 Pacific cup or Western Sahara.

EDIT: Abkhazia updated, Panjab created! I made google drive for these .cmp files!


Club Supporter
Micronesia? For them isn't rating system enough, they should have negative rating... :D :D
(I looked at this some time ago and if I remember good, they lose all matches by 30+ goals
..) :D


Starting XI
Székely Land...in FIFA 22 + in patch by Tokke001 FIFA 11
SEPSI OSK Sf-Gheorghe (Liga 1 Romania)