Completely Black pitch in most games !!


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A really annoying, yet serious problem'

I downloaded and installed fifa 11 recently. No problems there.. But when i start playing, any mode or any type of match, the pitch almost always seems to be completely dark. There are only players visible, alongwith the linesmen and the crowd. Its just ridiculous

If this thing happened in all games, fair enough maybe my laptop isnt good enough. But strangely enough, in some games, like at Anfield or Ivy lane, the pitch is visible perfectly, green and inviting.

I am just so frustrated by this, I posted in a couple of other threads, but no help as of now.

So, please if you know how to fix this, let me know.

P.S: I have already tried the Game tweaker software, and it doesnt seem to solve the problem


Windows Vista Home
Intel Core 2 duo P8600 2.4 Ghz
ATI radeon HD 4570 (512 MB)
Dell Studio 15

The game supports ATI radeon 4xxx series cards, so i dont think that is the problem. Coz some games I am able to play flawlessly. But the rest 90%, jet black pitch..


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The patch only works for Clean versions of the game. The one I have has been downloaded. And I also ran the Game Tweaker software on it. Although now I have unistalled the Game tweaker. So dont know if my version is the clean version.