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The CMO team is proud to present a new release today, packed with new features and improvements.

Started in February this year, Championship Manager Online, or CMO, has grown since day one and can today boast thousands of managers playing head to head in the major leagues of Europe. Here you can manage teams ranging from S****horpe and Cheltenham to Milan and Chelsea. CMO offers a wide range of managerial options which ensures that pure skill decides who the best manager is.

* Buy and sell players from AI teams and other managers
* Create your own training schedules to maximize team improvement
* Get awarded prize money for successful results
* Control your finances to facilitate long term team building
* Chat with thousands of football fans every day
* Live up to the board's and the fans' expectations
* Play “buddy leagues” against your mates for some quick fun
* Read the daily news from the reporters inside the game, or be a reporter yourself

In CMO you play head to head with other managers online. Beat the best and brag about it in our in game forum and chat. Win prizes and eternal fame!

Try it for free! Join our free worlds today and challenge your friends.

Are you ready for the Total Championship Manager Experience Online? Join now and find out!

this is the image they used to promote this new news:



TROD. :rolleyes:


That Nice Guy
nah i only checked it today, i tend to check it every week often :D

the original was so amazingly unpopular that they needed to change it.