[CM0304] Decent AM needed


That Nice Guy
Right, Im liverpool and last season i had to sell a lot of playrs to balance out the wage budget, my attacking midfield looks like this.

ML: Kewell
AMC: Le Tallec
MR: Diouf

perfectly fine in every way, but for backup i only really have Stankovic (Lazio) who is fantastic, but its only ONE backup.

After him i am having to use McMaster, Partridge, Foley-Sheridan, or even attackers in midfield.

Can anyone think of a creative, versitile AM that i can get for under 7m and under a wage of 25,000?

Im half way through the second season. Thanks.



Fan Favourite
Casas from Betis is an FLC , so he can play AM, he doesn't often get a new contract from Betis, so you can pick him up in summer 2005 like I did

Also you might consider Alexey Dobrovolskiy, Real Madrid bought him in my game for 100k from Dinamo Minsk


Fan Favourite
Alin Stoica, from Club Brugge (AM/F RLC, Rom/Bel, 24 or 25 yrs). Might get close to the 7 million by then, but could be less.


Senior Squad
vladimir ivic from partizan has been awesome in my game, you could probably get him from cheap, his value was something around 4 mil when i played with partizan. hes an AM RC, and his freekicks are awesome, he can blaze those 30-40 footers like nothing.


That Nice Guy
i wanted him but he signed a new contract and they REALLY dont wanna sell him. lol



Polish Power
i bought Diego in the first season to my Chelsea Dream Team. I had no problem with buying him... He is playing in the first 11. Veron on the bench... :rolleyes: He cost 24MLN$ (H)


That Nice Guy
ok ive decided that next season im just gonna have McMaster as my....... 5th midfielder, cos all the coaches love him.



The Red Devil
Get Manchester United's Kleberson, and then train him to a new position(AMC), he turns out better than scholes about a season later. :rockman: :rockman: :rockman:


Starting XI
Reyes is expensive (25 million plus, otehrwise they just reject your offer) and isn't too good in his first season.


Reserve Team
u can get Reyes for like 11m pounds in one of the Jan transfer windows coz his contract isn't protected, just get 4m from somewhere!


That Nice Guy
to be fair i could spend 15m, but because of the worryingly high wage bill im not.