Cm 03-04 Player Thread


Fan Favourite
Post Some Good Players In Here that You have found and i will Edit them into my post so we can have a good list of players for this Game.

Robert Enke
Per Morten Kristiansen

Philippe Mexes
Kolo Toure
Sebastien Squillaci
Patrick Evra
Matteo Ferrari
Ibrahima Sonko
Mike Duff
Ledley King
Mike Zonneveld, D/DM L , NEC

Mikel Arteta
Jermaine Pennant
Simone Perrotta

Freddy Adu(someone was going to say him)
Carlos Tevez
Fernando Cavenaghi
Wayne Rooney
Jeremie Aliadiere
Didier Drogba
Sanli Tuncay
Cesar Delgado
Antoli Todorov
Luca Toni
Daniel Braathen
Wayne Gray
Leonardo Pisculichi, AM/F LC , Argentinos
Georgi Kalakov, SC , Litex


Reserve Team
Sanli Tuncay, FC , Fenerbache, 8-10mil release
Cesar Delgado, F RLC , Cruz Azul
Simone Perrotta, MC , Chievo , 8mil release


Senior Squad
i dont suppose someone has a good cheap defender (below 7 mil that would play for a lower known club) having a tough time with my porous defence...


Team Captain
Wayne Gray, Wimbledon, Forward

the guy is cheap less than half a million and has blistering pace like henry, his finishing needs to be better though and he is about 23 years old

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Reserve Team
I picked up Ledley King for my ManU defence and he has been inspiring. Rio Ferdinand is IMO a weak link in defence and I dont know if CM is truly realistic but in the game he really is weak, misses headers all the time and hardly intercepts through balls. Overpriced :f***:

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Senior Squad
Good list there, to bad I can't sign any of 'em, won't accept my offers... ah well, I'll sign one eventually, plus, I ain't going to badly anyway(H)

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Youth Team
isaac osbourne from coventry. excellent young prospect at dm, c. iv had him in my first team at 17 and he was gettin ratings of 8/9........... definately one for the future.........