cm 03/04 player Fredy William Thompson


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Originally posted by PaPaGeorGeo
Yeh Even Strength and Stamina How Much is he worth in youre game makio
well i bought him for 500k at the start of my 1st season and i'm at the end of my 1st season now and he's worth 7.75mil


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Originally posted by SHEVA07
How do i know which database i have? can i change it?
Before you load a game, go to edit preferences in the upper right corner you see a button database size you can change it there (small, medium, large)


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he was worth 800 k in my game, and as soon as aston villa picked him up his value rose to 22 mil in one season... he didnt even do that good average rating of 7.23... so i dunno his stats look good though.


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it takes me about 4 mins to load the editor. i got a 750mhz and 256mb ram, i think thats why :( but i've done a season in 2 or 3 days so its kewl