{CM 03/04] Coaching staff?


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Does anyone know any good coaching staff available for a medium rep team (Tottenham). Almost all my coaching staff are lousy, I managed to poach Rene Maulesteen from Man Utd as my assistant, but it seems no one else is interested in joining my coaching crew.

Does anyone know any good staff who r willing to move.


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Peter Beardsley is ace. However a lot of coaches are kinda random, so i guess you'll have to look at them for yourself.


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One that often turns out great (or always turns out great) is Vincenzo Pincolini. However he's a bit of an ass, pretty hard to sign him.

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Ubaldo Matildo Fillol is a very good goalkeeper coach. Should go to most teams as he isn't at a club. Juan Santisteban is also a good coach.