Cliffjumpers VfB Faces


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Hello guys.
Here are some VfB-Faces.
Maza: without hair (Model: Begovic),
Ulreich: complete (Model: Lovren Dejan),
Schieber: is just an Model suggestion, problems with texture (Model: Baker Nathan)
Gebhart: I have to change hair color :) I used some parts of benchwarmers Gebhart texture but it's 98% mine. (Model: Abate Ignatio)



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schieber looks like baker without hair.....i don't know these players...please post ori pictures....good start

edit: sorry the post in the bracket now


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fabi you can help me with models if you want :)
need some suggestions for hair of Schieber, Maza and Gebhart.

If somebody wants to make VfB Faces here are some suggestions for models:
Kvist: Bannan Barry
Kuzmanovic: maybe Zambrotta
Hajnal: Steven Gerrard
Cacau: ?
Boularhouz: ?
Sakai: ?
Okazaki: ?
Ibisevic: ?
Traore: ?
Boka: ?
Harnik: ?
Gentner: ?
Molinaro: ?
Niedermeier: ?

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my version:

mixed with your version:

You're allowed to use and improve my textures. Only the result is important for me :)
Darfst sie natürlich verwenden und verbessern.
Für mich zählt nur das beste Ergebnis, egal wer es gemacht hat.
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