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Classic Patch post 10's Expansion - V1 and Update Released

Do you prefer a db version with more 1 year clubs teams or 5 years from all decades in one db

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Club Supporter
I'll try. Cannot promess anything because of personal stuff. I have Ecuador 2001 kit in PES Version. Dunno if someone knows how to convert it. I'll try to do Peru. By the way, I checked that Costa Rica kits you make for Copa America 2004 is indeed from 2001. Costa Rica kits from 2004 are these.
jorg made them. If you can fix them please


Club Supporter
I have sent the database and the kits to valambrosio.
I still can´t start with 2001 copa america because there are no kits at all and I dont know if valambrosio would chance the ids of teams and that causes a clash with the id.
So I´ll wait until the release of the new update.
@JulesMate52 @Jörg would you help with the kits?


Senior Squad
Hello guys, does anyone of you have something like this from 2010-2011?



Club Supporter
Hi guys I'm doing a Olympics football mod for the fifa 16 classic patch and I'm doing the 1988 Olympics but there are some kits that are difficult to do so if you guys can help me to do the 1988 Guatemala kit I appreciate it.
I'll leave a link of one game that they have done in that Olympics



Club Supporter
Hi guys its me again i need some help in some kits for the Olympics mod that i'm doing
Some of these are already in Pes 6 mod i just need to convert to FIfa 16.
Ghana away i do not have it because i could not find it.


  • GK Costa Rica.png
    GK Costa Rica.png
    259.9 KB · Views: 55
  • 1 - Away Costa Rica.png
    1 - Away Costa Rica.png
    473.8 KB · Views: 56
  • 1 - Home Costa Rica.png
    1 - Home Costa Rica.png
    421 KB · Views: 55
  • 1 - Home Ghana.jpg
    1 - Home Ghana.jpg
    215.8 KB · Views: 60
  • Away Iraq.png
    Away Iraq.png
    559.8 KB · Views: 58
  • GK Iraq.png
    GK Iraq.png
    437.4 KB · Views: 56
  • Home Iraq.png
    Home Iraq.png
    565.1 KB · Views: 56
  • 1 -Home Serbia.jpg
    1 -Home Serbia.jpg
    52.3 KB · Views: 53
  • 2 - Away Serbia.jpg
    2 - Away Serbia.jpg
    94.3 KB · Views: 55
  • 1 - Home Tunisia.jpg
    1 - Home Tunisia.jpg
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