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Classic Patch post 10's Expansion - V1 and Update Released

Do you prefer a db version with more 1 year clubs teams or 5 years from all decades in one db

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Youth Team
val,can you show us some screenshots with some teams that will be in the update? (thanks in advance)


Club Supporter
--Venezuela 2004--
La vinotinto finished in the last position in group A of Copa America 2004


Club Supporter
Hey! Is this addon compatible with the most recent CP update (3.1 i think)? I want to install the update but don't want to mess with anything


Club Supporter
--Ecuador 2004--
La tricolor was the worst team in Copa America 2004, finished in 4th postion in the group B.
View attachment 97390

note: All the teams in copa america 2004 are complete. I will prepare the files and send them to valambrosio.
So now this means that the add on can be released? Or you are going to wait for the CP update first?


Youth Team
I'll try. Cannot promess anything because of personal stuff. I have Ecuador 2001 kit in PES Version. Dunno if someone knows how to convert it. I'll try to do Peru. By the way, I checked that Costa Rica kits you make for Copa America 2004 is indeed from 2001. Costa Rica kits from 2004 are these.


  • Costa Rica 2004 local.jpg
    Costa Rica 2004 local.jpg
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  • Costa Rica 2004 visita.jpg
    Costa Rica 2004 visita.jpg
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