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chunkzip2 files


Club Supporter
As you probably found out, the Fifa 12 big files are compressed with chunkzip2. I googled a bit and tried to find a tool which allows to uncompress those files. I stumbled over QuickBMS and a chunklzx script. Unfortunately the files couldn't still be uncompressed.

So I contacted the autor of the tool if he could look into the problem, which he kindly did! Fifa 12 chunkzip2 files can now be decompressed.

What do you need?

1. QuickBMS 0.5.2
2. chunklzx / chunkzip (script 0.2.1)

You can find these files on the QuickBMS Page: http://aluigi.altervista.org/quickbms.htm

Then just start QuickBMS, choose a script (chunklzx.bms), then choose the compressed file and finally select your output folder. Voila, you have an uncompressed and readable file.

So all thanks goes to Luigi, as he cracked the compression :)

Don TM

Youth Team
Great News!(Y)

I was able to unpack the Database from data0.big with file Master 11 and then decompress it with this fantastic tool. now i'm able to open it with Database Master 11!



Youth Team
So why not re-compress it back to the original state? Or is that not possible?

P.S. Yes you can open it with DBM11 !!!! Nice work mate!


Reserve Team
fifaCCitiu.com;3108249 said:
ok.. now work.. i had an old version of the file. Luigi has updated it today.
Ah forgot to say thanks to you Vaslui :D

Sure man no problem!But we all need to thank Luigi for the awesome tool and Lupus for finding it!(Y)


Reserve Team
wolff;3108275 said:
Thanks a lot can I ask in which big file did you find these?or where did you find these?

The db files are in data0

The language files are in data/loc/locale.big