Chelsea Sack Grant!


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dipset;2529086 said:
What are you talkin about, all anyone needs to do is win a trophy and thats it (if thats wat you meant), this was a trophy less season. Next year Im optimistic, Grant won me over, and i admit, I judged him by the way he looked which was wrong on my part. I believe we shoulda atleast had two trophies this year, the loss to Barnsley and Tottenham were huge. Sure you can say its the players who didnt play, but whos responsible for giving the players that hunger?

This is the way I see it.

Grant was SO close to winning both the Premiership and the Champions League. Next year, there's absolutely no guarantee that they'll be this close. They may do better but let's remember that he managed to take the team to the Champions League finals. Something "the special one" never managed.

That tournament is completely unpredictable. Pretty much any big club in Europe has a chance at winning it and things such as a single missed penalty can take the really big boys right out of it (as we've seen many times). There's no way Chelsea could completely dominate such an event.

As for the Premiership...same thing. We may very well win it again, Chelsea might, Arsenal will be up there for sure. Liverpool you never know...if they make a couple of key signings they might be having a mad crack at it as well.

Obviously the Carling cup and FA cup are a different story but I honestly don't care as much about them.

My point was that whoever comes in next...they may not even last a whole season. Grant was sacked because of bad luck. Again...he was SO close. Who says that the next person will have more luck?

I hope my post made sense.


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Who let NOTW decide who has calss and who doesn't haha :)

I liked Grant, he is a major reason why I've found some respect for Chelsea. I still despise some of their players, but others I have a soft spot for. Not a bad pay off though, and I don't see why any potential new manager can do any better. unless of course they buy a ****load.


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Chelsea are likely to hire a very classy manager and like it or not, they will be challenging for silverware next season. Look at their squad, player by player, and you'll see they're one of the best teams in the world. And they're not a selling club either, so i dont see the need for them to buy a ****load. They need some back-up here and there and a replacement for Drogba if he leaves.


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I'm making my comments taking into consideration that there won't be a massive exodus at Chelsea. Which i think is unlikely. Even so, they have money to expend at will in very good replacements anyway.


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what i want to say is that big players already know the game and the main task is not to teach them football but to be able to manage them as personalities