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Chelmsford City Succession Game


Make America Great Again

Alright fellas, we have now adopted Chelmsford City, a semi-pro team in the Blue Square South as the official SG team. As such, we will have a succession game where a new member takes over the game every season. Reloading is illegal. If you get sacked, I don't know what we will do, but my best guess is that you are allowed to create a new "manager" that we will used. But, assuming that never happens, our manager is this guy

We can write all the back story we want. Pablo Castro is from Cuba, possibly related to Fidel, defector to the West, and whatever else.

Our owner is a billionaire named Mansell Wallace. He is probably not a billionaire in real life, but he is in our world. This might bump up the pressure on us managers, so be prepared for that.

List of managers:
2009/2010: ShiftyPowers - Promoted to Blue Square Premier
2010/2011: Sean Denny - Promoted to League 2
2011/2012: Filipower - Promoted to League 1
2012/2013: Fender - Promoted to Championship
2013/2014: Zlatan - Promoted to Premiership
2014/2015: Juventino - 14th in Premiership
2015/2016: ShiftyPowers - 13th in Premiership
2016/2017: Sean Denny - 11th in Premiership
2017/2018: Zlatan - Premiership CHAMIPIONS
2018/2019: Alex - Premiership and Champions League DOUBLE
2019/2020: ShiftyPowers - Won EVERYTHING
2020/2021: Horatiu - Won EVERYTHING
2021/2022: Juventino - Premiership and Champions League DOUBLE
2022/2023: Mandieta6 - Premiership Invincibles, FA Cup, Champions League TREBLE
2023/2024: Alex - Won EVERYTHING (38-0-0 in League)
2024/2025: ShiftyPowers - Won EVERYTHING
2025/2026: Zlatan - Premiership, FA Cup, Champions League TREBLE
2026/2027: Filipower - Won EVERYTHING (38-0-0 in League)
2027/2028: ShiftyPowers - Won EVERYTHING, Premiership Invincibles
2028/2029: ShiftyPowers - Premiership Invincibles, FA Cup, Champions League TREBLE

It will continue from here. Let's say that each poster has 1 week to finish their season, but we can extend that if it's necessary. Please don't sign up if you don't have the time to get a season finished in a reasonable amount of time. Screenshots are mandatory, as is a description of the squad and your tactics at some point before you hand the team over to the next person. Without this explanation there will be no continuity and at this low level it might take the next person a while to find the best players and best tactics without these descriptions.

Corner trick is not allowed. Some seasons we just won't get promoted. The team starts out as absolute trash; I would expect either me or Fili to be the first to fail at achieving promotion. Blue Square Premier seems like quite the jump.

Seasons last from June 1st to May 30th. You are to save the game on June 1st and post the save file for the next person to download.

It can get frustrating to have the computer crash, so I recommend that you save the game OFTEN. You don't have to be as neurotic as me with the saves, but you should do it regularly just in case.


Man seeing as you'll probably won't finish in time of me being able to do my season all before Saturday, I'll kindly asked to be postponed as Manager until the third season :D (I'll be back on the 31st, so it gives the 2nd season Manager precisely enough time)


Make America Great Again
Filipower;2911239 said:
Man seeing as you'll probably won't finish in time of me being able to do my season all before Saturday, I'll kindly asked to be postponed as Manager until the third season :D (I'll be back on the 31st, so it gives the 2nd season Manager precisely enough time)

I'm going to finish today.


Make America Great Again
Alright, well I guess I'll start out by posting some of the more significant signings I made at the beginning of the season. First of all, the only player that I signed that I actually found online:

Now the rest:

First Game:

First win:

We were predicted to win the league, so things got a little scary around Christmas time for Senor Pablo



Make America Great Again
Luckily we won the next to games, which brought the table to here:

First time in first place

Final Standings:

Playoffs First Leg

Playoff Second Leg

Playoff Final

And some end of the year screenshots

I said we would go for a Top Half Finish. It's the lowest I could pick, and I figured that would be the best for the next manager. Plus we're not exactly lacking in money.

Looks like the bookmakers expect much more of us, but that's probably due to our budget and not our squad, which I'll get to now.

Basically, I had a hell of a time trying to find a winning formula, and we would have probably been at the bottom of the table if it wasn't for about 70 combined goals from Topp and Rose. I apologize for not taking a screen shot of the stats, but I advanced too far without realizing that I should take the picture. Either way, there's really not much to see; Topp and Rose are good, and pretty much everyone else sucked. We ran a flat 4-4-2 because the players didn't seem capable of understanding or implementing anything else. Rose has 16 for pace and was probably the fastest player in the Blue Square South, so we tried to boot the ball long and have him run on to it. Unfortunately the team was so miserable technically that we couldn't even do that. I got run by a team playing a 5-3-2, so if the next manager can get the personnel to run a 4-3-3 or a 5-3-2 I think we could dominate the Blue Square Premier where most teams are playing a flat 4-4-2. We might already have the personnel for a 4-3-3 actually, now that I think about it.

As far as the players go, there really isn't much. I consider Topp, Rose, and Chalmers the only players who are capable of playing at the next level. Perhaps Ashmore and Ricky Holmes because of his pace and dribbling, but I'm skeptical of them. The next manager has a lot of work ahead towards building the squad, but thankfully we have a lot of money to spend on players and wages.

Here was my first XI:



Fan Favourite
Looks good (Y) Congrats on the promotion

I would put myself on the list but I hae nowhere near enough time to play it through so i'll just observe


Head Official
I don't think Horatiu is going to do this season, he told me that he has started a full time job and won't be around as much as he used to.

Seán D

fm prodigy
I'm going to have a go. I'm not sure what I've got on timewise so don't count on me if you want it moved on quickly.

Seán D

fm prodigy
Just a warning BTW, I have already made us the fattest/oldest team in history.

Signings so far, all on frees:
Kevin Phillips
Lee Trundle
Bobo Balde
Lee Hendrie
Salif Diao

Seán D

fm prodigy
Here is a quick update as I head to the opening game of the season.
As you can see, I have decided to go for experience. They will get me out of this division. Decided to save a bit of money and keep them for wages if needed.

I appointed Gary Breen as player manager, amazed I got a player of his caliber to the club.
Also signed Wayne Rooney's brother, the next white Pele.