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Championship Manager 5 (UK release 18/3/05;1/4/05 other nations), confirmed features:


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well since the game has just been released it wont be long before ppl will start making new skins for it.

Ill give the game a go when i get back from work.


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Well... what can i say, the game is a pretty much Football Manager 2005 with a diff skin. After giving it a short "go" i was not impressed, very little new futures have been added.
Training and tactics look bit diff but basically they do the same job as FM05, tactics are a little bit better imo. Ill still play around with it for a while and try to get used to the layout.

PS: Bit of advice, first thing you do when you load up the game is turn of the sounds, they are just shocking, and have ur winamp handy... lol
also i could not change the resolution, thats pretty bad :S

here are few ss:

Caroll was already injured, and Howard out for 3 months... great start:f***:

Tactics aint so bad.



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It's not supposed to be released until friday. :confused:

I love how >40,000 fans came to see Man U play the always exciting Burton Albion, though. :|


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The game it self is pretty small (187MB on cd), tho i have to say that its bit faster saving/loading wise etc.
Cant view replays/goals, ref is VERY slow after a foul to run up to the player and hand him a card... jeez the list could go on... if you have FM05 dont bother with this game, as its a big step back, i think they got it all wrong :S


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Originally posted by TROD
whats the match engine like


Its prety bad, the tactics that you set before the match dont really reflect whats happening on the pitch, both teams just kick the ball to each other and it pretty rare that you will see a team string few good passes, but anyways you will see for yourself. In the first game (friendly and the pic i posted before) i was awarded 5 PK's to which i scored 4 :rockman:.

This is just my opinion, others might like the game but i still think its a pretty poor effort by Edios.



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There will be a patch released on friday (0:00 am GMT, to be precise), weighing about 30 MBs, and it will be savegame INcompatible.
Originally posted by Rutter (BGS Employee)
Following on from the release candidate going gold final translations were completed by the localisation department at Eidos

Whilst this went on the BGS code team continued improving the game via bug fixing and polish - including date - until that text arrived back. These improvements, fixes and polish will contribute to the Day 1 patch.

The BGS team then put all the text in and sent the foreign versions to test - and then returned to bug fixing/polishing for the patch. Clearly any serious problems in the language versions were dealt with. Eventually - and the date was YESTERDAY - we stopped work on the Patch for Day 1 UK versions. There will be an announcement hopefully today about the content of this patch.

We're now working on the patch for the localisation versions.

Then we'll finish the demo.

The reason we've put the demo at the bottom is because we have pride in ourselves and our work and weren't happy that there were "bugs" in the game that will be released. We want to make sure people get the absolute best out of their game - and yes - we were aware that Coventry had an unrealistic transfer budget etc - and wanted to fix it so it would work for Day 1 via the patch. Or enhancement pack. Or whatever it ends up being called.

The localisation patches finish on around about the 30th - and we're hopeful of a demo being available around about the 1st April. Which is almost funny.

We're sorry it's happened this way - but were doing our best - and will continue to support CM5 code for some time. Were under the impression there will be a Patch 2 at some point - probably after you've all let us know any problems that we dont know.

Cheers - and hope that clears it up - rather than making it any better.

Originally posted by Rutter (BGS Employee)

I'd strongly suggest you dont start a game prior to patching - as it's save game incompatible

The full list of changes will be posted at some point today by Keir - we're just putting the finishing touches to the list.

The size is 29Mb. It includes code and data updates - and is great value for bandwidth.


BGS are blaming Eidos for the lack of information released before, and they do make a valid point. Eidos is a PLC, and have to restrict press releases, due to bad results and future prospects.
Originally posted by Keir Edmonds (BGS Web Bloke)
I understand your frustration, but BGS have tried to keep the fans informed on the development of the game. Around twenty articles about CM5 have been posted on this site in the last ten months or so.

Eidos are a quoted company and it is an unfortunate fact that we aren't able to tell the community the news we would like to when we would like to as we're governed by certain rules.

We're looking at ways to convey future information more effectively so stuff about CM is more easily available.


That Nice Guy
haha, that was hillarious, talk about making excuses :D:D i dont know why they're exlaining it that much, all it needs is;

"we've improved the game since we sent it to be made, therefore theres gonna be a patch out on friday, 30mb, not save game compatible. Cheers"




That Nice Guy
cheers ruud, just been looking through a lot of them, i dont want to totally abuse BGS, but most of the threads arnt exactly good things about CM5 :( :(

i feel sorry for BGS in a way, everyone wants it to be as good as FM, it isnt gonna happen..



Fan Favourite
Everyone there keeps saying this is the successor to CM 03/04 and therefor it needs to be better, regardless to BGS being totally new to the scene.
Most people do blame Eidos, btw, and not BGS; BGS may have experience with footie sims, but not actually realistic ones.

There's a lot of potential with this game, but they HAVE to come up with something radically new, and not some enhancements of a match engine they haven't even got to work correctly.


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Part of the newspost on ChampMan.co.uk, regarding the release of CM5, entitled "CM5 In-Stores and Patch Available Now" by John - 17/03/2005
CM5 Patch Improvements and Bug Fixes

Game Data:

Includes all major transfers up until Sunday 6th March 2005.
Updated managers - Portugal, Brazil, Argentina,
Improved English staff details.
Added missing away colours - Turkey, Portugal & Spain lower leagues.
Improvements to missing player position & side.
Checked for and removed duplicate players.
Improved realism of ticket prices at some clubs.
Adjusted attendance details where average or maximum attendance was higher than stadium capacity.
Added missing transfer windows.
Amended CONCACAF Champions Cup timings.
Amended Belgium comp timings.
Amended Intertoto Cup timings.
Amended WCQ CONCACAF timings.
Improvements made to competition structures, rules and scheduling.

Match Engine:

Improved the overall quality of goals scored. A lot of the goals scored due to errors have been fixed.
Fixed ‘Corners’ being given ‘Offside’.
Fixed goals being scored direct from ‘Corners’.
Improved realism of the number of ‘Penalties’ awarded and scored.
Improved player ‘Free-kick Accuracy’ when shooting. Players will now try and put these either side of the goalkeeper.
Improved ‘Player Ratings’ given for performances in matches.
AI teams will try and ‘Push Forward’ more when game is looking likely to be a draw.
Improved the quality of ‘Text Commentary’.
Fix issues to prevent ball was going through the ‘Net’.
Increased the ‘Accuracy’ and ‘Quality’ of ‘Good Strikers’ shooting.
Decreased ‘Goalkeeper Effectiveness’ for long diving saves.
Decreased the likelihood of ‘Long Shots’ when long shots instruction is disabled.
Fixed ‘Substitution’ issues with injured players
Improvements made to highlights mode include:
Improved the time taken for yellow and red cards.
Improved the overall quality of highlights shown for fouls and injuries. User will see the tackle for the foul or which caused the injury.
Added new 4-1-4-1 formation for the user to select.

Transfers and Scouting:

Players will now be automatically added to the users ‘Shortlist’ when making transfer offers.
Fixed ‘Bosman Payments’ where clubs had to pay compensation for players over 24.
Improvements made to ‘Players Interested’ in clubs.
Transfer offers can no be made for player who are ‘Retiring’.
‘BOS’ icon will now be added to players who are leaving the club on bosman transfers.
Fixed issues where offering a ‘Contract’ to a ‘Reserve or Youth’ player would move them into the first team.
Improved the realism of ‘Signing-on Fees’ for contract renewals.
Improved the realism of ‘Transfer asking price’ for players with long term contracts.
Fixed ‘Contract renewals’ where clubs were constantly renewing contracts for players on short term contracts
Fixed to prevent clubs offering new contracts to players with ‘Confirmed Transfers’.
Fixed issue where ‘Contract renewals’ are subject to transfer windows.
Fixed issue where clubs thought they had made transfer offers and never bid again.
Reduced the processing times of ‘Transfer Offers‘ and ‘Work Permit’ approvals.
Fixed issues with ‘Transfer Windows’.
‘Scouting’ will no longer report back on ‘Injured Players’.
Improved user feedback when a player ‘Is Not Interested’ in signing for the ‘Users club’.
‘Loan listed’ players will now be taken off the list at a suitable time.

Club Board Features:

Improved Board Veto on Large Transfer fees.
Improved ‘Board Requests’. These are now more likely to be granted.
‘Board Expectations’ will now consider previous season performance.
Improvements made to the ‘Board Messages’ sent to the user.
‘Managers’ now have ‘Realistic Contracts’ when joining smaller clubs.
Fixed blank ‘Board Opinion’ messages.
User will now be ‘Sacked’ if there are no other staff members.
AI clubs will now ‘Retain’ or ‘Replace’ ‘Staff Members’.

Club Finances:

Fixed issue with ‘Transfer Budget’ where season 2 and beyond budgets were only a fraction of the first seasons. A Club will now have a similar transfer budget if they have the money in the bank.
Fixed issue where all ‘Non Selected Clubs’ were going ‘Bankrupt’ within 5 seasons.
Improved realism of the ‘TV revenue’ given to clubs.

News and Media:

Changed ‘Font’ colour to make reading messages easier on the eye.
Improved the quality of the ‘Loan’ new messages.
User will no longer see ‘Press Speculation’ for players who have ‘Agreed Transfers’.
Fixed incorrect ‘Form’ team being displayed in the ‘Scout Next Opposition’ news report.
Improved the quality of ‘Qualification’ and ‘Elimination’ messages for cup competitions.
User will now get messages when ‘Winning’ competitions.
‘Fans’ and ‘Board’ will also comment on ‘Winning’ important competitions

Game User Interface:

Added ‘Missing Player Stats’ onto the ‘Player Search Filters’.
Added ‘TRN’ and ‘BID’ status icons to players.
Improved in-game ‘Tool tips’.
Squad screen now disallows ‘Squad Selection’ when the ‘Assistant Manager’ is assigned to select first team.
Fixed instances where ‘Menus’ could appear of the right Hand side of the screen.
‘INT’ icon no longer appears when viewing an International squad.
Fixed issues with ‘Sorting’ on the user shortlist.
Players out of contract now display '-' instead of contract details on squad screen.
Fixed overlap when more than ‘10 players’ are selected for ‘Tactical’ duties.
Improvements made to the ‘Player Comparison’ screen.
Improvements made to the ‘Submit Offer’ screens.
Made ‘Player Exchange’ buttons viewable in the submit offer screen.
Improvements made to ‘Major Clubs’ screen and this now displays clubs from all continents.
Added ‘Filter’ to ‘European Squad Registration’ screen.
Improved ‘Average Ratings’ player screens.
Added ‘INF’ icons to the competition league tables.

Actually, the patch isn't really available atm, but it will be soon :S

It's going to be available from midnight GMT through the Gameshadow software that you get with CM5, or through http://www.cm5patch.com/.

Damn, I really should be preparing for my application tomorrow.


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Just looking at that list is laughable.

Most of the bugs fixed are things I think about: How on earth can you forget to get that right?



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They didn't, not really. They just thought about it after the gold version went to the presser. This patch has been ready for two days already. :brow: