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CG File Explorer 18

pe pe

Club Supporter
Thanks to master Shawminator from 3dgamedevblog.com we will be able to enjoy an amazing tool that will allow you to mod FIFA 18 like never before. Frosty Editor was a great first step but this tool is specifically designed for FIFA 18. Yes. As you see in the screenshots it has a Creation Master ( master Shawminator thanks Rinaldo for help with this ) like in FIFA 16!


Well, if it wasn't for a terrible gameplay maybe it would be a good time to finally buy 18. Nonetheless - this is great news, thumbs up @shawminator!

UPDATE 07-06-2018 Download links:

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Club Supporter
I have read about this earlier on. Awesome news, I thought the whole project ended up unsuccesfully. So we gonna have same features like in CM then? I mean - ability to add many kits/ball slots? Can't wait, really!

EDIT : Right, we won't be able to add slots yet. Hiccough..
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Reserve Team
Wow, great news ! Thanks to Shawminator for his work. I hope we can assign manager to play as a player such as Zidane :)

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
We still can't add face models for generic players can we? Nevertheless, more progress, the better.

But can we change the 3d face models for existing players with specific face?


Youth Team
Textures can not be added in general, yet but probably will be in the future.
And anyway, this tool most likely will work with future fifa series that will have frostbyte as engine, so we are looking at the most important modding tool.


Senior Squad
Cris, you should buy fifa 18 sooner.
I like very much your graphics and will be a nice adition to this year edition.
I thank you for these words mate.;)
but i'm waiting for the shaw tool.
I have nothing against froostytools, but there is a significant loss of time with this tool.
deja create graphic, patch takes a lot of time, if in addition we have to convert, redo each update.
understand the operation, find the right way to access files ......
it becomes impossible for me because there is no more pleasure. Just the impression of not advancing.
and I do not like the launch of this tool.code by mp
for all these reasons i am waiting for the shaw tool with impatience.


Youth Team
I guess that if it was announced it is because it's in the final stages of testing and might be close to the final release. We all desperately want this tool, but we can live without it until it's ready. Will be better and amazing to open the forums and see the tool release post as a surprise.


Club Supporter
So I don't get the point of CGFE release announcement if it's still not ready to be shared and it seems we still have to wait a few months to get it.
Look, if the tool was ready to be released they would release. No point releasing something that isn't ready as you'll just have loads of people whinging that 'x doesn't work'.

Also it's not hard to see why someone developing such an important, highly anticipated tool has dropped a little 'coming soon' message. All developers do it and it's reassuring to the community that work still is ongoing and from the pics it looks really good.

It's a positive development and we shouldn't be negative about it. If people start getting grief for giving up their free time to develop something that we all will benefit from then they'll just stop doing it...


Youth Team
There are people using the beta version(s) for a long time, so it is not just smoke.
We must consider the fact that this new engine is very complex and so it requires a lot of testing and tuning.
It was the choice of the developer to not use a public testing system but rather a closed one but by chosing people who know something about moding.
It is also probable that this tool will work on future releases of fifa on frostbyte as I said before so the long wait will be fully worth it.
I'd rather wait longer for a stable tool than play sooner with an incomplete and buggy one.
Respect to the ones involved in this project, developers and testers, it is a titanic work that all are doing it for free.