Career mode tweaks


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Below i have written some stuff i have noticed during playing career mode and which i would love to tweak or them to be tweaked by somebody else in the future.

°The low activity on the transfer market is a real problem in Fifa 14, making the game less realistic, as irl, during the summer transfer window, some teams may even replace half of the teams.
- While playing FIP v4 in any of the top 5 leagues, there would only be activity in these leagues (and by activity i mean max 3-4 transfers per team), and no activity in all other leagues (only some game generated youth players after few seasons).
- However, when playing in a lower rated league, for example in the romanian league which i play alot, there would only be made transfers in this specific league. Top 5 leaague teams tend only to buy young players with a good potential, and there are not more than 2-3 superstar transfers, sometimes even none.
- There are few, and sometimes no free agents on the market at the end of a season - another unrealistic part, as irl ALOT of players leave for free at the end of a season. In the game, it seems that their contracts get renewed in the last month of the season automatically by the cpu. On the free agents tab there are usually just few 16-18 yo players with low ratings, probably game generated players.

°The ammount of youth players coming from youth academy to other teams than the one i manage is ridicolously low, same thing goes for the regens.

°Another problem during the career mode was the less realistic simulations, with "boring" scores and high home advantage, but it was fixed. (Check this thread: )

°The player values for lower rated leagues are ridicolously high. For example, I have bought 72 rated, 26 years old Brazilian winger Matheus Alessandro from Alashkert (Armenian team) for a huge price of 4 million euros. Yes, 4 million, but irl the player is barely worth 300k euros on transfermarkt. I don't know how he went to 72 rating, but still, the league he is playing in shouldn't allow him to be worth that much, no matter his age, contract lenght or other factors. Another little example: Montenegrin winger Sead Haksabanovic, of Djurgarden, who is 72 rated, 22 years old and has a potential of 81, and even if he plays in the swedish league, has a not that big potential and is worth around 5 millions euros on transfermarkt right now, i had to pay 15 million euros for him. Of course, the game doesn't care in which league the player plays, but there might be a way to change this (i hope i don't speak bullshit).

°Dynamic potential is a thing included in the past few fifa games and it allows players to grow more and even wayyyy more over their fixed potential, of course if they are playing well and they are in a top team. In fifa 14, however, no matter if a player wins the ucl few seasons in a row, if his potential is 82, he won't go beyond 83-84, and is the thing i hate the most out of everything.

I am not too experienced in modding, but i would like to try out some tweaks when i have time. But there are also some values i don't quite understand in the dlc files, and i'd not really like to break the game (of course i can backup, but still), so if anyone with more experience could guide me into this, it would be amazing.

PS: if anything similar to this has already been discussed andalready cleared out, then i am sorry for posting this.