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Bulls 23's Graphics

Bulls 23

Club Supporter
Just going to share some of my banners. Not all the textures are mine I've just arranged them in FIFA 18 format. I honestly don't know who to credit for some of the textures, these come from some of the 1000's of files I have on my PC and then some are mine.

So credit to whomever credit is due and myself lol

Oh and thanks chris83460 for his template.

Celtic FC

Rangers FC

Club Atlético Independiente

Boca Juniors

River Plate

It irritates me that there are no Nike Hi-Vis balls so I'm creating them:

Here is my Premier League Nike Ordem Hi-Vis, Ver 1.0. Still a work in progress not entirely satisfied. I will make La Liga and Serie A too.



Please don't use without crediting me.
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Bulls 23

Club Supporter
hello guys. please make the champions league 17-18 ball :33vff3o:

The problem is we cannot import new meshes basically the model of the ball so unless we edit a current ball to look as close as possible to the champions league ball as possible it won't really be possible.

Bulls 23

Club Supporter
where is generic ucl adboard in frosty editor?

There is no generic UCL adboard just a generic_0 adboard that is the general adboard set for all competitions, teams, friendlies etc. without its own specific adboards.

The issue is however that this adboard generic_0 located under content/worlds/adboards/textures only applies to static adboards it does not effect the animated adbaords.

To change the generic animated adboards you have to edit the specific animated adboard sets under fifa/legacy viewer/data/ui/game/adboards
and fifa/legacy viewer/data/ui/imgAssets/adSponsors512x64. You could also edit any of these with anything and then link the adboard associated with something specific you have added to a team via database editing.