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Bored of FIFA 06? - Then try this new Gameplay Patch!


Senior Squad
LINK: http://www.breamster.com

Are you bored of FIFA 06? Well, try the new and exciting gameplay patch by Billy1969 and you'll be playing the game more than ever! It boasts loads of features and render gameplay realistically!

Those of you who were about and playing FIFA 2003 may recall how Breamster started - the legendary Gameplay patches!

I've not done one in a while, but now I am proud to present the most realistic gameplay edit available today for FIFA 06. Who better to endorse this patch then the person that made FIFA gaming that much better!

Billy1969, who is renowned for his brilliant chant/sound patches has been the creator of the "next-gen" Gameplay Patch and describes it as a "total modification of FIFA 06's gameplay." He is spot on there as well!

There are a few gameplay mod's available, but none compare to the realism of this patch. It's all very well creating the "ultimate difficulty", but is that what people want? No I don't think so. Hence Billy1969 has listened to the end user and created a solution which makes FIFA an even more enjoyable game!

Here are a few of the features:
- Game speed is lowered to simulate more real life like football play.
- Referees are stricter. Referees are far more realistic now and can make mistakes! For example, not whistle an offside, not giving a clear foul or the other way around! Frustrating sometimes but aren't real life referees this way? You judge!
- CPU substitutions, formation changes and tactical improvements enabled.
- CPU keepers made more realistic, they will come out more on breakthroughs and are even likely to foul players on desperate situations, depending on timeframe/score line.
- Fouls and challenges made more spectacular as players fall more often when challenged.
- Difficulty levels amended so that even the hardcore gamer can still enjoy an extreme challenge!
- 100% compatible with Ockham's CEP patch v. 0.10 and all other existing FIFA 06 patches.
- Plus many more tweaks to render gameplay more interesting!

Users who are already enjoying the patch have had this to say:

"Excellent game mod, makes playing harder but more realistic considering the teams you are playing against. I hope EA picks you to be one of their FIFA programmers in charge of realism. They would win a big crowd. Keep on with the fantastic work!"

"Well, because of your patch I can start playing again! Great work".

"I just recently switched from FIFA 2005 to 06, and at first was disappointed with 06, even on the slowest game speed. Your patch has made a great difference to my enjoyment of the game. Much more like soccer should be!"

LINK: http://www.breamster.com/newsitem.php?id=49


Club Supporter