Big problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Senior Squad
Why is it that if I want to play a game you do not play in some stadium? The exit charge half! For example, the Milan-Inter game match evening I wanted to play but do not let you let me turn Seoul stadium! In this case, what to do? Regenerator are running it already is the FAT! Help me!! :mad: Thanks


Reserve Team
Let me see if I got this straight. You want to play the Milan derby in Seoul Stadium at night, but it won't let you choose the night time setting? Is that right?

Total shot in the dark here, since I haven't touched stadiums in years, but maybe there's a texture issue? Since all the stadiums have to have its own set of textures for each time of day (if I remember correctly. That might be PES).


open cm09 & click the stadiums tab.

find seoul stadium & look to see if it has night option.
not all stadiums can be played at night, i believe.