Best Kit Maker 13/14


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Mateus Guedes;3732079 said:
Our!!! I got everything? Beginner's luck, for sure. D4W3R, you are great!
I'm in the middle of legends! I feel honored!
And congratulations to everyone who sent their kits.
Let the next rounds.

Thanks mate :) And good luck for next round ;)

The Crew

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Good Luck for all kit-makers

just one voting for any kit-maker who won't make his kit before the deadline time his votes will be declined

and all kits should be sent before 17/9 12:00

The Crew

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Okay there's one day to end the match-day 2 and till now only 4 kit-makers finished their kits EmilianoVidela,ManUtdFan20,IvashkaBuchMUFC,The Crew Waiting for other kit-makers

The Crew

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I think that Match-day 2 is better than match-day 1

EmilianoVidela,ManUtdFan20,IvashkaBuchMUFC,The Crew Are now leading the 4 matches

The Crew

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Standings After Match-day 2

Group A

EmilianoVidela becomes Group A No.1 as he named the best kit maker in this week and took it from Mateus Guedes who became no.2 while ManUtdFan20 still the third and only 2 goals differs him from Mateus Guedes and D4W3R still the last as he need to win the upcoming match vs ManUtdFan20 to have a chance to qualify to the semi-finals

Group B

IvashkaBuchMUFC still no.1 of the Group B as has the best kit for this week as he won Wincool 12-5 at his first appearance whil The Crew(me) :D became no.2 as he had a easy win vs Mr.Rcm who didn't sent the kit and IvashkaBuchMUFC has the most goals difference 17 and the upcoming match will be vs Mr.Rcm and The Crew will face WinCool in a qualifying game

I'll Post Match-day 3 Kit @sat