Benya's Fixed Faces (Shiny Hair Issue)


Starting XI
@Benya100 Thanks for you effort. Can you please fix legends hair like Ronaldinho? Thanks!
Icons Fifa 19 to Fifa 14 Facepack
Facepack includes every icon from Fifa 19 (except for Laudrup - his hair files are missing)
The IDs are those of EA and are in some cases different from what i have in my game. So be careful to check your IDs before copying files and change if necessary. Some of players' hair require additional tweaking in CM (usually one step up).


Youth Team
Hi people I had a difficult week in the university so I will only upload 3 or 4 packs between Saturday and Sunday...
Sorry, I wanted to fix a lot of faces for this weekend, but I will fix them soon as possible.
Don't worry, do it when you can. It is a great job and in great need of yours, thank you very much