ballinham's Tattoo Conversions

What would you like best, single releases for every player, or packs?

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Youth Team
Sorry if I haven't posted anything last week, but I was on vacation and I couldn't post for obvious reasons. So, here is Correntin Tolisso (FC Bayern and France NT)


richard jin

Youth Team
i download your kenedy tattoo and face files but i have some error in kenedy's face.. i think its not compatible face and hair can you give his hair&hairlod&head&face file?


Starting XI
Pavel Mamaev, one of the most tatted up players out there, just got a great face for FIFA 16/14 by Lagwagon.
Would be nice to see his body tattoos by you @ballinham



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Hello everyone, I really need help ... I began to reassemble Fifa 16, and I have nothing left of my old, lost version. I beg someone to drop me a folder with a set of tattoos (I mean the whole folder where there are about 100 of them)


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Hi guys! I finally made it. Here is what probably should be my last tattoo pack, as I've seen from the poll, you would rather see me uploading single releases for every player I make and as a man of the people, I give the people what it wants

So, here it is, my last tattoo pack.

-Fëdor Kudrjašov (İstanbul Başakşehir F.K. and Russia NT, from PES 2019 by Sho_9_6);

-Gabriel Jesus (Manchester City and Brazil NT, from PES 2019 by Sho_9_6);

-Lautaro Martínez (FC Inter and Argentina NT, from PES 2019 by Sho_9_6, face by Lagwagon93);

-Neymar Jr. (Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil NT, from PES 2019 by Sho_9_6, face by Rotua098)

-Stefan Savić (Atletico Madrid and Montenegro NT, from PES 2017 by unknown, found in a pack with 183 tattoos, so I actually don't know who made it).

As I said in a post maybe a week ago, I will start to convert textures from the PES 2020 Demo and I will release them singularly, I hope you will enjoy it! :D


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Women's Tattoo Pack for FIFA 16, containing tattoos for the following players:

-Dzsenifer Marozsán (Olympique Lyonnais and NT Germany)

-Anja Mittag (FC Rosengård and NT Germany)

-Sydney Leroux (Orlando Pride and NT USA, I also tweaked the skintone to match her face)

I know it's ultra nectro posting, but any chance someone has this or this pack can be downloaded outside of the dead zippyshare link?