Ball Revolution 2005


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hi everyone
i havenot internet connection, but when i have time i working on next version of ball revolution system, then you can choose what type of install you want - by FIFAfs or by FATBH 2.0 ! and maybe also you can automatic assign new ball to your team,

Dark Wagner - fantastiq quallity balls, i never think that on my texture someone can made this super quality ball :)

Originally posted by vitu
how do you install these on your FIFA 2005?:confused:
how to install more balls /
import new bitmaps into your FIFA 2005\data\ballrev\ dir and then you can see new ball called the same like *.bmp name on ball list

Dark Wagner = The best ball maker even seen



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@gwidon: maybe u could edit the 3d-model of the adidas capitano/f-50-balls, their panels are different from normally shaped balls, it would be great, if u could do a ball revolution with this ball-model, too. if ariel converted such model for pes4, dart could make perfect capitano or f-50 balls and again both communities would enjoy new realistic balls for both games


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here's the new nike tiempo legend, someone's posted it on evo-web, not sure, if it's made by dart or not and didn't try it ingame