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Are face.rx3, hair.rx3 files useles if there isn't head.rx3 file for a given player?


Club Supporter
I made some command for checking if all rx3 files for player look exist.
I am checking such files:
struct HeadHelper
std::string playerid;
bool hasEyes{ false }; //"^eyes_[0-9]+_0_textures\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\heads\\";
bool hasHead{ false }; //"^head_[0-9]+_0\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\heads\\";
bool hasFace{ false }; //"^face_[0-9]+[0_]+textures\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\faces\\"
bool hasTatoo{ false }; //"^playerskin_[0-9]+_textures\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\body\\"
bool hasHair1{ false }; //"^hair_[0-9]+_0_0\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\hair\\";
bool hasHair2{ false }; //"^hair_[0-9]+_0_textures\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\hair\\";
bool hasHairLod{ false }; //"^hairlod_[0-9]+_0_0\\.rx3$" from dir: "\\data\\sceneassets\\hairlod\\";
bool hasMiniHead{ false }; //"^p[0-9]+\\.dds$" from dir: "\\data\\ui\\imgAssets\\heads\\"
if eyes, head, hairs, hairlod or mini head isn't present I print information to some file. And I noticed that many, many players have face texture but doesn't have head texture, example:
INF: Łukasz Trałka jersey name=Trałka(player id: 155671) doesn't have eyes file, hair rx3 file, hair textures.rx3 file, hairlod file, head rx3 file

Then I am checking in CM15 and player head is not visible if You unmark "has generic face". This is because there isn't head_155671_0.rx3 file.

So does it mean that if file head.rx3 doesn't exist I can remove the rest files (eyes, hair, hairlod, face) because they don't have sense without head.rx3 file?
Or maybe somehow those textures are still useful even without head rx3 file? Is anybody familiar with it?


Club Supporter
and here is players who have everything without hair rx3 files:
INF: Kieran Dowell jersey name=Dowell(player id: 226401) doesn't have hair rx3 file, hair textures.rx3 file

So probably hair textures aren't required so much.


Starting XI
Face texture might apply on the generic head model, if the specific one is missing. Also, if you miss the hair, it will only load the hairlod of the generic hair that is assigned in the db. And all these, only if the head is disabled in the db (meaning the "has generic face" checkbox is ticked). Eyes are totally optional


Club Supporter
OK I will check in game because from CM15 I don't see like face texture is applied to the player who doesn't have head rx3 and has ticked "has generic face". But maybe in game it will looks different than in CM.


Club Supporter
OK I checked and it is true. In CM15 face is different than in game during match. So it is worth to keep face rx3 files even without given head rx3 file.