Ankle tape texture


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got a question for you mate, do you think you could make the ankle tape normal again, and then with the KNEE tape files, do you think you can create the high ankle tape? something I've been trying for the past couple of fifa's but i don't have the software to make it happen, cheers


Youth Team
aNuKe;2637874 said:
Check this out guys...finaly the ankle tape doesn't look like a pice of cardboar raped aroud the player's legs...


hey anuke!!...
where is the link for download man!!...
this ankle looks very good!!... (Y)
awesome!!.. :innocent_smile_1:


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can someone upload new links for Clementzuzu's fix accessories's textures for untucked shirts, because link is broken (will be the best if someone upload to MEGAUPLOAD.COM)