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(ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2


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Guy's... I will be starting a new Thread very soon for - (ALL THE STADIUMS) Ultimate Stadium Packs - (Stadium Server CGFS 16) v2

I am unable to Log-in with my previous Username of FifaStorys for some reason to add on this current Thread.

So very soon I will create a new Thread with all brand new Links with many new Stadiums added.



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((FIFA 16 & Stadium Server 16))

Part 1 - (3GB)

Part 2 - (3GB)

Part 3 - (3GB)

Part 4 - (3GB)

Part 5 - (1GB)

This is the original download from when I purchased FIFA 16 on it's release in Sep 2015. I have already Pre-Installed the Stadium Server on it for you, with Leeds Utd - Elland Road in the - StadiumGBD Folder.

Best way to run:

1) Open Origin in (Off-Line) Mode.

2) Then open FIFA 16 (MAIN) Folder, and double click on the (Server) icon at the bottom. After that, go to the show hidden icon's tab on your Task Bar, and you will see (Server) is hidden opened in here. Click on it with the right mouse button and then select - (Show Form) from the selection menu.

3) Once this has now opened the Stadium Server, then click on the FIFA 16 icon and load FIFA 16. At this stage it may ask you to enter your Origin - Username & Password to confirm that you have a Licensed version of FIFA.

4) Once the game has loaded, you can toggle between - (Windowed) & (Full-Screen) Mode by pressing - Alt & Enter on your keyboard at the same time.

5) Keep it in Windowed Mode for choosing your Stadium on the Server.

Adding Stadiums:

1) Ensure to start with FIFA in (Windowed Mode) in order to toggle between both - FIFA & Stadium Server!

2) Go to Kick-Off... Select Sides...

3) Select Kits... Then continue to the (Settings/Tactics) Screen etc where you see the players standing at each side of the screen...

4) Now at this stage... Go to (Stadium Server) and press - (Attach/Detach) button/tab at the top - Make sure it's (Green) & not (Red)... Ensuring that FIFA 16 is still in the (Settings/Tactics) Screen.

5) You'll notice the ID's on the right of Stadium Server change numbers after doing this as it adds your chosen (Home Team) from FIFA ID...

6) Now go back to FIFA 16 Game screen & press the back button on your control pad once to the previous (Team Selection) screen...

7) At this stage, return to (Stadium Server) & select a Stadium to play in from the list... It will also ask what Police/Nets you want etc... Then press the (Home Stadium Button) You can add more Stadiums to this list by placing them in the - StadiumGBD Folder inside the main FIFA 16 Folder.

8) Now return to FIFA 16 where you where at the (Team Selection) screen... Re-confirm the same Teams & whatever Kits you want...

9) Then after confirming those, if your happy with Team Selection & Tactics etc, continue straight through to the Match...

10) Press (Alt & Enter) on your Keyboard, and it will now be (Full Screen) again with the new Stadium :)


If you want to add MODS to your game for - Kits, Balls, Tattoo's etc... I would add -


DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/1c2aez545b3uh7j/Revolution_MOD_16.rar

This will not affect Stadium Server in anyway at all. Just copy all the Folders from it into your FIFA 16 Folder.

2) Secondly........ after doing this, download - i68 Suit -

DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/buq7ix0dueueqd3/i68_Suit.rar

The Regen button in here will regenerate the Files to your game each time you add a new MOD Files into the - FIFA 16 > data . sceneassets Folders. i.e - Kits, Ball's etc as mentioned. Just open i68 after doing so and hit the Regen Button, and job done!

And finally, I use ModdingWay (ALL-IN-ONE) for my game. But if you just want to MOD it yourself and add the latest Transfer Update, you can find it here


MODDINGWAY: http://www.moddingway.com/news/6614.html

The ModdingWay (ALL-IN-ONE) comes with the latest Transfer Update. But if you just want the Transfer Update without MiddingWay... get it here -

TRANSFER UPDATE 2016/17: http://www.imstudio.xyz/new-transfers

AGAIN... none of this will affect Stadium Server.



can you upload again? fifa 16 crash after personal settings screen when i press enter? thanks!


Youth Team
I have an interesting idea to revolutionize the height and zoom of broadcast camera, i noticed that the "st.mary stadium" has a more elastic parameters of camera, so i supposed to use all the stadiums with st.mary stadium base to have height and zoom we like. So my ways are 2: using cgfs16 and editing the stadium base (the current is waldstadion and another one) but i tried and the game crashed (i edited the "stadium" folder in FSW) so if you know if i made a mistake please tell me. Another way is to create a copy of st.mary stadium and edit the model of stadium, but i dont know how to export the model of stadium if not creating a copy of it and taking it from and how to import in cm16, so if anyone have this knowledge, please help me to make this extraordinary edit.


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Hi, guys, I wanted to download the France Pack but it seems that the link (in the first post) is down. Can you guys get the link back up, or can someone send a different link of the pack? Thank you.


Youth Team
the link for USA Stadiums is down, some body can share again please

Houston Dynamo - NRG Stadium
LA Galaxy - StubHub Center
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum
Metlife Stadium
New England Revolution - Gillette Stadium
Orlando City - Orlando City Stadium
United States - The Rose Bowl
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/file/aa5dnk670c33ed3/U.S.A.rar

Here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/04ka8vwua6ijfs6/U.S.A.rar/file

This is what i have in pack.

Hi, guys, I wanted to download the France Pack but it seems that the link (in the first post) is down. Can you guys get the link back up, or can someone send a different link of the pack? Thank you.

Here - http://www.mediafire.com/file/vr1jza117gw3ojn/France+cgfs+stadiums.rar/file

This is what i have in pack. New stadiums (and some from this pack) you can find in much much better quality just use search here on forums.



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Could you re-upload the Premier league pack? or does anyone else still have the link of the West Ham/Tottenham Hotspur stadium? Thank you