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Hi guys, how you doin'!? :shades: I hope everything goes well for you and I hope that this year we can share many more creations...'nuff said!! Just to warm up, let's start with my first sideline tracksuits and bibs templates:

Juventus F.C. Tracksuit

Juventus F.C. Tracksuit - Champions League Version

Juventus F.C. Bib

Stay tuned for maaaaaaany other teams ;)

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Manchester United Football Club Warmup Tracksuits Bibs Premier League Champions

Haha, too kind bro :D But your works are just perfect too and I'm strongly sure that they're really precious for the whole community.

Manchester United FC Tracksuit

Manchester United FC Tracksuit - Champions League Version

Manchester United FC Bib

p.s. use the Fifa File Explorer of the master Jenkey to increase the 1024x1024 size correctly ;)


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this masterpiece in a dream or in reality? Alex bianconero brother, do not you dare to disappear for long, you have to please us with their works more often! FJ!

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FC Internazionale HD Tracksuits Bibs Nike Serie A Europa League FIFA 15 Inter

Internazionale F.C. Tracksuit

Internazionale F.C. Bib

Stay tuned, tonight I'll release Barça, City and PSG ;)


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Outstanding, pal, great to see you in business again! If we've got the nominee "The comeback of the year" here you're definitely the winner)