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THX A LOT TO ALL!!u're too kind!! :-)

here a new goalnet for the arena!! :)

(search "netcolor_7_textures.rx3" to find the file in data3.big!!)

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Juventus Kits 2010-11
Serie A Version

Goalkeeper Home Jersey

Goalkeeper Home Shorts & Socks

Goalkeeper Away Jersey

Goalkeeper Away Jersey (Balocco Sponsor)

Goalkeeper Away Shorts & Socks

Goalkeeper Third Jersey

Goalkeeper Third Jersey (Balocco Sponsor)

Goalkeeper Third Shorts & Socks

Home Jersey

Home Shorts & Socks

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Thank u very much man!! :)

and now, here there are Italian Referee Kits!! ;)

Diadora Italian Referee Set 2009-11

Diadora Referee Black 2009-11

Diadora Referee Purple 2009-11

Diadora Referee Electricity 2009-11


(search "kit_6004_5_0.rx3", "kit_6005_5_0.rx3", "kit_6006_5_0.rx3" and "kit_6007_5_0.rx3" to find referee kits in the data3.big!!)

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thank you very much guys!! :)

and now...ENJOY THESE!! :)

Nike Mercurial Superfly II -Safari Version-


here's a little preview!! :)



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thanks again amazing!! can you try some boots like asics mizuno diadora joma a lot of italian players wear them!!!