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Reserve Team
Juventus FC 1995-96 UEFA Champions League Final Kit

Hi guys, really thanks a lot for this incredible welcome :D
I'm studyin' and workin' hard on the Magistas and Superflys "dotted" textures and their respective reflex bumpmap, they've changed the color palette again, uff... :(
The positive news is that the lights reflects in a even more realistic way on the shoes in this FIFA :andrei:
Meantime enjoy this glorious classic kit for your FUT games (I've just correct the colors and redrawn all the main details for the player kit and I've created the goalkeeper kit)

Juventus F.C. Classic 1995-96 UCL Final Kit


Away Reflex

Goalkeeper Reflex

I suggest you to use these kits after installing the latest Scouser's (<3) Revolution Mod, then copy and paste these strings in your team_45.lua file(Origin Games/FIFA 16/data/fifarna/lua/assignment/teams/team_45.lua):


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Reserve Team
Nike Mercurial Superfly Electro Flare Pack Squadron Blue Volt HD 1024x1024

Nike Mercurial Superfly FG - Electro Flare Pack
SquadronBlue Volt Black

Reflex BumpMap

3D BumpMap (512x512 only)