Adboards In Tournament Mode - assigned adboards work until I load a saved game


Do NOT give me Upton Park stadium.
Hey guys,

I have assigned a set of adboards to West Ham using the I.D. 98. When i go to play in tournament mode the adboards show up fine. Once i have played a few games i save the tournament (which is the Barclays Premier League) and then shut down FIFA. When i go to play later and load up the tournament the assigned adboards have been replaced by the generic adboards of I.D. 99.

The problem is that i want the assigned 2GK adboards to still be there when I load up my saved tournament.

If they are there when I start up the tournament why are they replaced by the generic adboards when i load a saved game?

Can anybody help me with this problem?
I would be extremely grateful!

all the best,