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A question related to graphics


Reserve Team
I don't think so; based on all the talk, videos and feature previews the graphics issue is the least thing mentioned anywhere. But I think that it wouldn't be that big a problem, trust me. :)


Reserve Team
the graphic doesn't have much different from fifa07 so that i hope ea has fixed all the bugs related to graphic e.g the players neck, mouth etc glad to see that the turfs are now have better color (H)


Reserve Team
tbh i think they couldnt really care too much about current gen graphics as its a dead medium, of course they want to divert most of their creative talents for the next gen as it is obviously the major selling point for them


Youth Team
I wouldn't say it's a dead medium. I'd say they're pushing it futher on consoles because they want people with 10-year-old PCs to keep on being able to play FIFA, and just are too damn bored to even bother adding next-gen features to the PC. The games that have incredible quality graphics on the PC are quite a handful. But EA just won't bother.

So yes, maybe they've done all they could as far as PS2 goes, but an evolving machine that the PC is and its hardware, it's always current-gen. As current-gen as any latest console. It's PS2 and XBox that are previous- or last-gen.