21/22 Custom faces


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The answer is: Dmitri is very accurate, so this hair behaves as every other FIFA 16 mesh and it's easily convertible. It's even better, because I don't need to edit such meshes with HxD.
You're right, I found out we can edit those files on blender.

Regarding Zima, I forgot once again hahaha I think I will upload it tomorrow independently ;)


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Hi guys,

One question for anyone who can fix. @Dmitri 's complete converted facepack has Jordyn Huitema's (ID: 247512) new real face from FIFA 22. The face is perfect, but something shows up bugged, both in CM & in-game in FIFA 16 (I have polygons that cover the whole screen). I don't know if it's the hair model or the hairlod or the simhair files... Any way to fix it?

@Lagwagon93 @Skoczek

Another thing, the "FIFA22-to-16 F" folder in the latest facepack is empty!


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