21/22 Custom faces


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My PES converting tool is far away from finishing.
But if you create a model in FIFA 20 - 22 format (fbx/png), maybe I could pack it into RX3. Just and idea for such extraordinary hairstyles.
you don't have to make a model directly in .fbx format. in blender you have the option to export an .rx3 mesh as .fbx or more file formats. not export with the script, just through the software's menu


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Pérez Nahuén - Udinese

If you feel like donating for this face, you can contact me



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This is the closest I've been to succeed in converting custom FIFA 22 faces to FIFA 16

I've learnt a technique called Retopology which I'm far to master.

I think we can also use this technique to convert heads from PES but not sure about textures.

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Why are you using retopo? Retopo is used when you want to simplify a high-poly mesh, basically
I saw on twitter that people are using it to convert from FIFA to PES and viceversa, and there ar esome models from FIFA 22 I don't get to convert. It probably won't take me anywhere, but it's something


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Yes, it is
The eyes look a little different, maybe it's because of the graphics engine of each FIFA or it gets lost at the time of conversion,ou maybe the angle of the image.

In the beginning we converted wrong from 16 to 14 and had the defect in the nose that was like a pig, maybe from 22 for the others FIFA is in the eyes.