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2023-24 patch for FIFA 11 [tokke001]


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It's posibility for MLS create 2 conference (15 and 14 team ...first 4 team in conference play in 1/4 final...after qualificated in semifinal ...final ?


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Hello guys, I got some problem with FIFA 11 install. I started using Windows 11 and new patches doesn't work.
I reinstalled FIFA 11, 1.01 patch with crack, all new patches and regenerate it - didn't help.
After launching a game, it's old FIFA 11 without any patches.
If someone could suggest, how I can sort the problem? Thanks.
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Greetings, friend, you should have inserted the Super League of Serbia. Because it is in fip6 and fip7 for FIFA 16, so it would be nice to insert it in FIFA 11 as well.


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Another issue I came across yesterday. I had played Argentina-Croatia up to penalties, and Messi's starting position was glitching like crazy before he took his spot kick while the other players were normal. Any ideas why?
Plus there's still players without feet, but then probably the boot number links should be double-checked.
it s seems to appear at multiple players,
and the bug was also present at last year' 2022-23 patch

Will be fixed now :)


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great news !
Manager Mod works ?
...new league ?

it's necesary only FIFA 11 clean ?
the squads needs be tested if they are stable

1. I wont add more leagues then we now have, or it may get less stable

2. Some teams didn't appear ingame:
it s because 'the old' FIFA 11 doesnt allow teamids higher then 130000
(FYI FC24 started using some of those high ids, so they need be changed)


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It's necesary 22-23 patch +first BETA ?

Only FIFA 11 clean + patch EA ?

My opinion for one patch ok...release one version similar EA FC 24 ( Romania change Russia / Europe Rest World ...Shakhtar...AEK...Slavia...Hajduk + all

MLS full (2 conference ...14 and 15 team


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@tokke001 why dont suudi pro league show in online mod bro i cant choose al nassr in online mode what is the problem ?
because only leagues wich exists at original fifa 11 are avaible at "online database"

if u select a team wich your opponent dont have,
his game will crash !

but u can use "offline database" if u play against guys who has the patch...


Senior Squad

2023-24 files for FIFA 11 - PACK 3 [BETA]

a new beta as a test for the squads,
a number of fixes have been done



- Squads
* Update from FC 24, date 20.03.2024 (latest)
* Extra teams/leagues
-> some updates to 2023-24
* online/offline versions
* Fix: Some Bugs at Penalty taking (ex. Messi)
* Fix: Some Teams not appearing ingame (teams with teamid > 130000)
* Referees updates: Licensed english leagues, ...
* Updated love/hate relations between certain players and teams

- Kits & kitnumbers (FC24 u11)
* MLS 2024 update
* Updates (sponsors, ...) : real madrid, chelsea, ...
* New 3th/4th: olympique lyonnais, empoli, 1 fsv mainz 05, vfb stuttgart, vfl wolfsburg, eintracht frankfurt

- Balls
adidas MLS PRO 24
adidas UCL Final 24
Nike Flight CSL 24
Nike Flight Premier League Third
Nike Flight CONMEBOL Libertadores
NIVIA Shastra ISL 23-24
SELECT Brillant Super TB 3F Superliga v24

- Minifaces (FC24 u11)

- Teamlogos (FC24 u11)

* updates - anderlecht, Seattle Sounders, Real betis, Stade de Reims

1. Install 2022-23 patch

2. install 2023-24 (pack 1)

-> http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/2023-24-patch-for-fifa-11-tokke001.6472391/#post-6771234

3. install this 2023-24 (pack 2)

4. install Starheads faces (optional)

-> http://soccergaming.com/index.php?threads/new-faces-converted-tokke001.6469029/page-19#post-6772521

* No working career
* bald players may appear: missing new (generic) hair
* missing shoes may appear
* xtra added teams without graphics


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