2015 NFL & College Football Thread

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That AJ Green fumble saved my bacon. One more win and I win first seed in my money league.

Lost Edelman, so hoping Cam continues to ball out as well as Stewart. Gonna need Forte back soon although with Langford looking like a better version of Forte I have my doubts.

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My focus for the rest of the reason is on the Chargers racking up as many losses as possible. As of right now we would finish with the #2 overall pick.

1. Cleveland Browns: 2-8 (.500 strength of schedule)
2. San Diego Chargers: 2-8 (.513 SOS)
3. Tennessee Titans: 2-8 (.519 SOS)
4. Baltimore Ravens: 3-7 (.494 SOS)
5. Detroit Lions: 3-7 (.519 SOS)
6. San Francisco 49ers: 3-7 (.531 SOS)
7. Dallas Cowboys: 3-7 (.544 SOS)

Needless to say I'm rooting for the Browns and Titans to pick up some W's.

EDIT: Mock draft says DE Joey Bosa to the Chargers. (H)


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Bobby;3881287 said:
He's playing at another level right now. I think the Panthers can clinch a playoff spot Thursday.

Panthers are in a whole other level this season. From defense to offense, we are proving why we are undefeated. :Carlos*o:


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I won my College Fantasy League on Saturday. As the winner I'm responsible for buying the league trophy which we have slacked on getting for 3 years.

I'm going to name it after myself and engrave "The [ShiftyPowers] Memorial Cup" on it (H)

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Will need to keep riding Cam and company to win the championship since I lost Gronk. Ugh.

500 bucks on the line, too.

Although it seems his injury isn't as bad originally thought, so hopefully he's back by the playoffs.

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Clemson, Alabama, Oklahoma and Michigan St. I want to see the playoffs go down with these four teams. Don't nobody want to see no-name Iowa though, fo reals.


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Haha, surely the Navy would let him wear them if he got invited though. HUGE publicity opportunity for them.


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Rodgers is so amazing. I just saw that 61y touch down. Wow.


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Are hail-maries impressive though? Good on him for avoiding pressure and playing it up but the ball stayed in the air for a long time and anyone out of like 7 people could have caught it.