2013-14 UEFA Champions League Thread


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Fine? Allowed the first goals from dead ball plays. I think you need to revise your definition of fine.


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Who was supposed to be Marking Ramos? I'm sure it was Dante or Boateng, they lost him twice, from there it was down hill. Anyway the whole team had a bad night, hard to single anyone out


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Just have to jump in and say that i'm quite satisfied with today's result. Teams have already figured out how to play effectively against this tiki-taka shit (like Bayern vs. Barca last year), and Madrid in their current form was probably the most uncomfortable team for Bayern to play against. Really solid defending and so dangerous on the counter. Bale was really impressive tonight as well, but the standout players for me have been di Maria and Modrić for Madrid during this campaign.
You might say that Bayern were a bit unlucky to concede so early from a set piece, which meant they needed three goals and had to attack even more, and the second one was just the final nail in the coffin. But Real was clearly the better side over the two legs. Bayern might have had their 70+ % possession, but it lead to nothing. Too bad Xabi Alonso is going to miss the final, kind of reminded me Nedved getting yellow carded and missing the final as well years ago. I felt a bit bad for him actually.

In the end of the first half some of the Bayern players started acting like thugs out of frustration (maybe that's a bit harshly put), for example Ribéry and Mandžukić.. But i believe Guardiola realised at the half time that this game is lost, and told them to tone it down a bit. Maybe that's why Mandz was taken off, because he seemed to be the most agressive/frustrated. Anyway i'm glad they played like gentlemen in the second half and didn't try to get any Madrid players yellow carded/sent off. Bayern fans were amazing as well, their team losing but they were making loud noise and singing throughout the second half. It's nice to see a team having such great supporters.

Perhaps the fact that Bayern won the Bundesliga so early had something to do with their poor performance as well. Motivation issues? Probably the tragedy with Tito didn't help Guardiola either. :/

I really hope Atleti can defeat Chelsea tomorrow. It would be really nice to see them in the final. I think they'd be quite tough opposition for Real and it would make a better final, not that Mourinho's team would be easy to play against either.


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Seán D;3664121 said:
Neuer playing CB is nice to see today too. :rockman: (Bayern fans must be hitting the triangle button on the controls for him)
finally watched the recorded match ... the FIFA analogy to today's match is right: the classic cross/header + lightning counter tactic, ruthlessly executed ...


as much as I love Mou, I want a Madrid derby, and Cholo better not disappoint tomorrow ... La Decima, or Atleti denying it, would live forever ...


The Von Trapps
punch? eye gouge you mean ...

speaking of Casillas: early Balon d'Or dark horse? he's only made cup appearances, has already won one, and is in the final of the other ... del Bosque must be feeling vindicated ...


ArgVega;3664269 said:
Who was supposed to be Marking Ramos? I'm sure it was Dante or Boateng, they lost him twice, from there it was down hill. Anyway the whole team had a bad night, hard to single anyone out
Bayern defend set pieces in zone


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ShiftyPowers;3664258 said:
You know Carlos shit about soccer if you're pinning any blame on Dante and Boateng. They were fine.
My bad. Those two were "brilliant" in marking in set pieces.


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Sir Didier Drogba;3664292 said:
Mourinho denying it, preferably having been sent off at half time for punching Casillas, would be even better,
I totally believe Mou will win this if he gets past Atleti tonight.


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Chelsea starting lineup (?-?-?-?):
Mark Schwarzer | César Azpilicueta, John Terry, Gary Cahill, Branislav Ivanovic | David Luiz, Ramires | Ashley Cole, Eden Hazard, Willian | Fernando Torres

Substitutes from: Hilário, Tomas Kalas, Oscar, Marco van Ginkel, Andre Schurrle, Demba Ba, Samuel Eto'o

Atlético Madrid starting lineup (4-2-3-1):
Thibaut Courtois | Filipe Luís, Diego Godín, Joao Miranda, Juanfran | Tiago, Mario Suárez | Arda Turan, Koke, Adrián López | Diego Costa

Substitutes from: Dani Aranzubia, Toby Alderweireld, Raul Garcia, Cristian Rodriguez, Jose Sosa, Diego, David Villa

I have no idea what's going on with our starting-11. Is that a 3 man defense? Will one of Cole or Azpi play on the wing? Will they play in midfield in a 4-3-3? Who knows.


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Or a front 3 but I think someone will play central