12 scans Fifa 2009 (PC is current gen, with better graphics!)


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Here are 12 scans from Fifa 2009:


I'll translate the new features Fifabenelux names:

The game is slower then Euro 2008
New tactic system with more then 50.000 possibilties
AI players aren't better when they have the ball comparing to Fifa08
Players are moving more realistic when they are fighting for the ball
You can protect the ball in the ps2 version
"Off the ball" runs are now being indicated
Be a pro is more detailed now and you can play more seasons
Use the Wii-mote to point where the pass should go to (sounds like PES WII)
Rooney as a Wii charcater
"One Touche" easier to control the ball
Very positive preview
Interview with lead producer David Rutter

The PC version will have the PS2 game engine but with the PS3 Fifa08 Graphic engine (Scan #3)


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Broodrooster;2535394 said:
The PC version will have the PS2 game engine but with the PS3 Fifa08 Graphic engine (Scan #3)

Well.... don't categorize the Games into NextGeneration and Current Generation ... as you can see .. FIFA 09 PC will feature the player models, faces and effects like grass from the consoles, other things like stadiums/environment remain the same ... so actually you can combine elements of all systems, because they (NextGen Console or PC/PS2 engine) all use the same technology but with different stages of development (so X360 and PS3 will look even better, but some element of them have been taken over now for FIFA09's PC version! ;)

I'm quite happy now because after 4 to 5 years of stagnation this is a first sign for a better future ... but still unlucky that only some elements of the graphics changed on PC ... things like gameplay and physics won't be changed much (just the well known parameter chanings like all all people with Wordpad can do (H) )


Can anybody plz put up the pics in as .jpg or.png coz most of the pics are moran than 4 mb which take a lot of time to load.

Yes, EA seems to have been bitten with the Current Gen bug.