[03/04]Good players to sign at the start?

Can't stop the rush...

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So I finally got bored of my Real Madrid game after 9 billion Liga titles and CL titles......

Im gonna start a new game with Crystal Palace and need some cheap players to sign at the start. I think they only start with like 4 mil euro to spend.

I forgot who is good at the beginning.:(


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Well, firstly this should be in the player forums.

Some good cheap players are Braathen, Tsigalko, Todorov, Fredy Thompson. Look in the stickies in the player forums, there are more there


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Yeah, Cerci is great, or Rudy Carlier. Rodrigo Tiui is awesome in a few years (Y) Tom Huddlestone is good. Try loaning players too


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Get Braathen for a great striker. If it would help you a bit, check for players with expired contracts or transfer-listed. IT would help you to save cash.


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Originally posted by Can't stop the rush...
Thanks guys, starting the season right now.

Moved it to the players forum incase anyone wants to add more later.(Y)
Get David Bellion and Haruna Babangida on loan. The first one is clinical in Div 1 and the second is EPL level for sure, even with those ****ty stats. The players Cody mentioned are class aswell, although i doubt you'll be able to get a WP for Tsigalko.

Try Georgi Kakalov once you get to the EPL, got him for 1.3 million in my Millwall game, world class. Sunday Oliseh is transfer listed, you could try him. Taribo West is a good defender too.


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Originally posted by PSVFOREVER
Oh yes, Patricio Perez :Bow: gets awesome

Well, i have a problem with him... he has great stats, but he's average rating his of 7, goals or assistances? to few...

Maybe it's my tactic... I play in a 4-4-2 with Perez going to the MAC position... or maybe is because of the instructions i give him.. anyone can help me?

EDIT Nevermind, he is playing great know!! Just change my tactic a bit, and change the individual instructions... (H)