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  1. AmazR

    FIFA 23 - Improved Grass/Turf/Pitch

    Hey, everyone. I was trying to find a mod to change the turf/pitch of the game, but I haven't found any, so I decided to give it a shot and try to modify it by myself, as I did for FIFA 18 back then. Title Update 17+: Download Title Update 15 (Old version): Download Video (watch in...
  2. J

    3D Grass by BlackWolf from FIFA 14 TO FIFA 13

    I would very much appreciate if someone is able to help me make this conversion to enable 3D Turf in FIFA 13, it works in FIFA 14 but when I add it to the main FIFA 13 folder the game crashes. The turf looks awesome:
  3. carloratto

    Remove Adboards near the side of the nets!! SOLVED!!

    Hi Guys! How i can take off the Adboards near the sides of the nets? What i need to write into the Locale.ini? Thanks!
  4. R

    Pitch wear/tear during the game.

    Is there any option to make the wear heavier on Locale.ini? Just like in FIFA 16 where every tackle or step would leave a mark on the pitch/turf. I miss that!
  5. Chuny

    GFX MOD ULTIMATE | NEW HD Turfs/Grass + TV Broadcast Camera + Color Palette + More! OUT ON PATREON!

    FULL FEATURES LIST New 15 Realistic HD Turfs + Corresponding Stadium Assignments so that every team has true-to-real-life turfs assigned! New Realistic Grass Textures (more feeling of 3D) New 10 Realistic Color Palettes (NO Reshade, NO SweetFX, NO other 3rd Party Tool needed! - All from within...