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  1. BlackArch

    PS4 EA SPORTS FC 24 Regular Squads Update

    Updated the squads from 2024.05.22, created a ******** channel in which I will regularly update the squads for FC24, perhaps someone will be interesting and useful. Link — https://t.me/PlayStation_Pulse/6 The file and instructions with updated squads is already there.
  2. AcoolFIfa

    Squad file for FIP 14 by HBZ (unofficial)

    TRANSFERS FOR FIP 14 by HBZ (unofficial) 05.12.2020 by Tolyan1406 There are squads for fifa fip 14 hbz 2.20 fix. Made over 900 ongoing transfers in Europe and the rest of the world. ALL major transfers. DOWNLOAD
  3. diazjesux

    FIFA21 Switch Patch FIX 28/06/2021

    AT NO TIME A LINK IS GIVEN TOWARDS THE ILLEGAL DOWNLOAD OF THE GAME, THIS IS JUST A SIMPLE PATCH The community is slowly dying, it is very difficult to get the material, I don't know if this is my last contribution to the community, it is very difficult to carry out a patch by only one person ...
  4. K

    How To Modify Squads Files

    Hi everyone! That's my question. What do I need to modify a Squad file to get last transfers, eliminate icons, loans and things like that. Thanks a lot