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  1. Dmitri

    Converter: PC/Switch kit textures to FIFA 14

    This tool converts PC (.png) and Switch (.rx3) kit files into FIFA 14 or FIFA 16 .rx3 kit files. FifaKitConverter.exe is a command-line tool. You can use these optional parameters: -i <path> - input folder (a folder where .png and/or .rx3 files are placed). If not set, current folder is used...
  2. AntonioSG

    I need some national team kits PLS

    Hi Brothers, any good soul can help me with some national team kits for fifa14? im looking for... rx3 or png 1024x1024 is fine for me if u have it. a least from 2018 XD DONE LOL, Thanks Kitmakers <3.
  3. Dmitri

    FIFA 11 (PC) file formats resarch - RenderWare 4.5 assets

    This thread is for sharing information about FIFA 11 files researching. At the moment we know that FIFA 11 uses RenderWare 4.5 graphics engine. This engine was used in some other EA games (SimCity, NFS MW 2012). Most of FIFA 11 assets are .RX3 files, but they are not same with FIFA 12 and...
  4. fodor.akos9911

    How to create rx3 adboard files?

    How can i convert png to rx3?
  5. Dmitri

    RX3 file format research thread

    Continuing my research on FIFA04-FIFA10 .o models, I will make some notes on FIFA11-FIFA16 .rx3 files. RX3 general file structure The file starts with a header: struct Rx3Header { // sizeof() = 16 bytes char rx3id[3]; // "RX3" char endian; // 'b' - big-endian, 'l' - little-endian...
  6. diazjesux

    Oficial EA Kits Converted 18/19

    *Extracted and converted kits-minikits from the Playstation 3 version *Sleeves fixed *Removed patch of league *Replace the original shields with higher resolution ones *RX3 of Fifa 16 *etc *If you want to collaborate send message
  7. diazjesux

    Superliga Srbija 2017-2018 COMPLETE!!

    ¡¡¡¡¡DOWNLOAD!!!!!! ALL TEAMS! NORMAL LOGO EMBROIDERED LOGO RX3 MINIKITS PNG'S http://www.mediafire.com/file/3sbs7crkook99ss ***PARTIZAN by mogolos and ZikaJeSrbin Crvena Zvezda by Mogolos**** http://www.mediafire.com/file/56g9c0y98iskemq
  8. diazjesux

    Hrvatski Telekom Prva Liga 2017-2018 COMPLETE!

    DOWNLOAD ALL KITS! http://www.mediafire.com/file/d5m5n0a429ib5w9