1. V.K

    F11 Remastered in F14 | Alternate History Career Mod - the Beginning

    Hey all! I am happy to announce the commencement of a project I've had on my mind for a very long time: Alternate History Career Mod. The first step of this project is remastering F11 (as it is the earliest FIFA title we have with convertable DB and graphics, it seem) in F14. Above all I...
  2. V.K

    FIFA 14 Remastered

    Next year will be FIFA 14's 10-year anniversary. This thread is dedicated to showcasing FIFA 14 as it should have released back in 2013. Last time season 2013-14 received an update was in Moddingway's May 2014 update. Since then, thousands of quality faces and hundreds of stadiums have been...
  3. Dmitri

    FIFA 07 Remastered Edition

    Idea and target It's no secret that the PC version of FIFA 07 was graphically terrible. Pixelated faces, torn-eyed pitch, blurry interface textures... EA has mocked PC players over the years, slipping something incomprehensible instead of innovation and progress. The goal of this project is to...